If a supplier who has been entered in an RFP logs into the system, he can view all current RFPs in which he has been entered as a supplier via the "RFQs" tab.

In this tab, the supplier can now view all RFPs, sorted by their status.

This is done by clicking on the desired RFP, on the left in the box "Overview RFPs".

The selected RFP is now displayed with all the data stored by the creator on the right in the "Price request" field. The information divided by the tabs "Covering letter", "Basic data", "Positions" and "Additional information".

In the "Offers" box, all offers submitted so far for the tender are displayed.

By clicking on the "Create new offer" button, an offer can be submitted for the RFP.

This opens a dialog box in which the supplier can enter an advertising allowance, a percentage rebate, the duration of the offer's validity, and additional information.

By clicking on the upper button, a price can be entered for the RFP item(s) with reference to a specific quantity. This is a mandatory field. Additional information such as article number, article description, product description, refund per unit, as well as an attachment can be optionally stored.

By clicking on the "Original: ..." button above, an alternative article can also be specified if the requested article is not available. If no alternative article is available either, the option "not in assortment" is selected.

By clicking the "Submit offer" button at the bottom right, the offer is sent to the requestor.