Requirements recording

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After logging into the system, go to the "eControl - Demand Recording" tab at the top.

Next, click the "Create new requirements list" button in the "Requirements overview" box.

The "Requirements header" field then opens on the right. Here, all information such as title, duration, description, distributor and the items of the requirements list are entered.

In this example, the requirements are to be entered for black printer cartridges. To do this, enter "Black printer cartridges" as the title.

Next, a description must be added to the requirements list. This serves as information for the users in the distribution list and should be short and meaningful (example: see screenshot).

Now click on the magnifying glass icon in the "Distributors" field.

This opens a dialog box in which various users in the system can be selected. They will receive the created requirements list after it has been published.

In this window, please select the users "Buyer" and "Purchaser" by clicking in the box to the left of their names and confirm by clicking on the button "Accept selected item(s)".

Now the selected users are added to the distribution list.

Next, the demand position is entered at the bottom of the "Demand positions" box. To do this, click on the "New position" button on the right.

A new dialog window opens, in which a name, a description and an order unit must be assigned to the requirement item. Optionally, an image file can be attached to the position.

Now please enter all the information as shown in the following screenshot and click "Save".

To send the list of requirements to the users in the distribution list, click on the "Send list of requirements to distribution list" button at the bottom of the "Requirements header" box.

In the window that opens, you can optionally add a comment for the user. Click the "Yes, send now" button to confirm.

The requirements list then moves to the status "ongoing requirements requests" and is visible to the users in the distribution list.


If a user who is registered in the distribution list logs in, the current requirements requests are displayed in the box "Overview requirements" on the left under "eControl - Requirements recording".

Among these, you will now also find the "Printer cartridges black" requirements list.

Now please click on the demand request. Thereupon the fields "Demand header" and "Demand items" open on the right.

Click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the demand item.

In the dialog window that opens, you can now define your demand at the demand position by clicking on "+ New acquisition" on the right and the button that appears. This will create a new demand entry.

Click on the button to open all fillable fields for the quantity entry. Here, the required quantity and a comment, as well as company code, delivery address and account assignment type can be selected via the magnifying glass symbols.

By clicking on the "Save" button in the upper right corner, all entries of the demand entry will be saved and the entered demand quantity will be updated in the demand list.