Cash book

After logging into the system, please go to the "eInvoice" module and click on "Cash book" in the menu that pops up.

Now you are in the "Cash book" tab, where all cash books entered in the system are displayed and new cash books can be created.

In the box "Cash book search" you can search for specific cash books. For this purpose, information such as name, period, company code, operating site, cost center, as well as the search for archived cash books can be specified.

In the "Cash book overview" box, all the cash books entered in the system are displayed, sorted by their status. With the button "+ create new cash book" you can create a new cash book.

Now please click on the mentioned button. A new dialog window will open, in which various information about the new cash book can be created.

It is mandatory to enter the name, start date, end date, cash difference tolerance, company code, site, cash registers, auditor and data entry clerk. Clicking on the magnifying glass symbol opens a new window in which you can select from various positions for the field.

Now accept any values for the fields and click the "Save" button.


In the "Cash book total amounts" box on the right, the values of all the cash registers stored in the cash book are now displayed.

The plus symbol to the left of the cash register name can be used to display details of individual sales (amount, date, etc.).

At the bottom, in the "Cash book" box, the daily sales of the respective cash register can be entered. If several cash registers have been stored, the desired cash register can be selected from the drop-down menu by clicking on the name at the top left or by using the arrow buttons. Under "Entry date", you can specify which day the entered values relate to. Under "Entry status" and "Check status", the respective status for the cash book can be defined.

In the fields below, sales of the day in question can be entered. Mandatory fields are the opening balance, the revenue (is) cash drawer, the revenue (should) cash drawer and the cash receipt number. The cash difference is calculated from these entries. In addition, entries can be made in the fields "Revaluation cash", "Devaluation cash", "Sales non-cash", "Bank deposit", "Withdrawal revaluator" and "Cash expenditure".

The automatically calculated fields are based on the following calculation bases:

Cash difference = Revenue actual - Revenue receipt
Change in cash balance (sales cash) = actual revenue - revaluation + devaluation
SalesTotal = SalesCash + SalesUncash
Closing balance = Opening balance - Expenditure + Actual revenue - Bank deposit


If the cash difference exceeds the specified tolerance range, additional information must be entered with reasons

After saving, the recorded sales are displayed at the top of the "Cash book total values" box with the date concerned.